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Personal Fitness Training


Please call for more information on setting up your own personal fitness program.
One on one personal training and group classes available.

All of my training is utilizing the Monkey Bar Gym Method which uses a no machine, no mirror, gym program utilizing movements, not muscles - running, jumping, pushing, and pulling, and progress each from beginner to professional athlete. We will focus on moving toward a more positive, collective form of exercise that engages one’s entire body and mind, builds usable strength, and inspires physical and social confidence. In the MBG Method, we teach people how to run, jump, climb ropes, do handstands, dodge, and react like they did on the playground as kids. Doing natural exercise in a fun and playful manner but yet extremely challenging helps people from all backgrounds learn from each other in a non-discriminating environment.




Eischen's Yoga - Group or Personal Training
Developed by Roger Eischens, Eischens yoga works to improve your posture through hands-on feedback. We’ll help you engage the weak muscles in the body which can make dramatic improvements in the alignment of your body. Group classes are offered at Monkey Bar Gym | Milwaukee on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 9am.

Ballroom Bootcamp - Group or Personal Training
This class is designed to help us as dancers by using fitness skills and workouts to help achieve greater balance, core strength, foot speed, and flexibility. We will use a number of techniques including eischens yoga, weights, cables, partner work, and agility training equipment. The majority of exercises will be movement specific training and can be done in your own home and on your own schedule. Please contact me for more information on available group classes that are currently running or setting up your own group or private instruction.
Watch for upcoming dates!


About the Instructor
Connie Reeves has been dancing and teaching ballroom for about 17 years and competes frequently each year. She has been actively practicing the Monkey Bar Gym system since summer of '06 and received her certification as a Certified Natural Trainer in summer of '07 training in the Monkey Bar Gym method. She currently teaches Eischen's Yoga, Bootcamp, and Body Power classes at Monkey Bar Gym | Milwaukee.




Connie Reeves • (608) 335-2982 • info@toplinestudio.com