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Why Try Dancing?

Everyone has a reason for learning how to dance.
Some of the most common reasons I have dealt with are:

Meeting new people
Hobby or interests
Learn something new
Improve self-confidence

I specialize in tailoring your dance program to your own individual wants and needs as well as your ability to learn to dance.

Many of my students learn to dance in an amazingly short period of time. There is a reason for this...everyone has rhythm. (Yes, you too!) I also teach a system of relating the dances o each other. As you learn to dance you will quickly find out how similar many of the dance steps are to steps in other dances. By learning the minor differences between the dances you can quickly convert steps to a new dance.

Read more about learning to Dance:

Sun Prairie Dances the Days Away
by Kaitlin Warriner
Sun Prairie Star, March 15, 2007


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