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Custom Gowns / Alterations / Other Products

Many people have an existing dress that needs alterations or something converted into a ballgown.
Custom gowns are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Gown Gallery
Alterrations & Custom Sewing


Garment Type Description of Service Unit Price
Ballgowns Rhythm/Latin Basic Gown $185.00
Smooth/Standard Basic Gown $205.00
Men's Latin Shirt $95.00
Custom Gown work (fabric additional) $25/hr
Rhinestoning (per 10 gross) $200.00
Blouses shorten sleeves, unlined $9.00
hem, lined, blouse $14.25
hem, unlined, blouse $12.25
narrow shoulders, blouse $13.75
shorten sleeves, blouse $12.75
take in side seams, blouse $13.75
Dresses raise shoulder seams, w/o sleeves, dress, lined $15.75
raise shoulder seams, w/sleeves, dress $19.75
take in side seams, dress, lined $13.75
Formal Wear hem, each additional layer, formal attire $15.00
hem, single layer, formal attire $50.00
hem, single layer, formal attire (complex) $65.00
Jackets replace zipper, coat/jacket $21.75
shorten or lengthen sleeves, jacket $11.25
shorten or lengthen sleeves, jacket, w/lining $14.00
take in side seams, jacket, lined $13.75
take in side seams, jacket, unlined $11.75
Jeans hem, children's jeans $7.50
hem, jeans $11.50
waist in, jeans $15.00
Linens cut down sheet to smaller size, fitted $30.00
cut down sheet to smaller size, flat $15.00
Miscellaneous add pocket, fabric not included $0.00
alterations, miscellaneous hand-repairs $25/hr
beadwork, miscellaneous $25.00
button replacement, each, plus cost of button $2.50
patches, machine stitched, each $6.50
Pants/Shorts adjust crotch, pants/slacks/shorts $5.00
adjust crotch, seat, and waist $10.00
darts, per pair, lined $10.75
darts, per pair, unlined $8.75
hem, pants, lined $15.00
hem, pants/shorts, unlined $12.50
hemming, top-stitched $10.75
replace zipper, pants $19.75
slacks, let out waist $14.50
take in side seams, pants, unlined $10.75
take in side seams, shorts $7.00
waist in, pants, lined $16.75
waist in, pants, unlined $14.00
Skirts hem, skirt, flared $14.00
hem, skirt, flared, lined $16.50
hem, skirt, straight $12.00
hem, skirt, straight, lined $14.50
replace elastic in waist, skirt $9.75
shorten from waist, skirt $21.00
take in side seams, skirt $13.75
waist in, skirt, unlined $13.75

Coat Before:

Numerous ripped seams, shredded fabric and lining.

Coat After:

Entire lining was removed and replaced with a new quilted lining.



Connie Reeves • (608) 335-2982 • info@toplinestudio.com